TEA…the word alone
has the power to
warm your heart
and lift your spirits!

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In China, long ago, tea was an ingredient in immortality potions. Whether drinking tea helps one live to a ripe old age or not, no one can refute the proven health benefits of tea. Tea is a cup of life!

To order tea, please use the form below. We will contact you for payment (VISA, MASTERCARD) once we receive your order.

Shipping will be provided by USPS and will be at current Priority rates, based on shipping weight.

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Tea Sizes



2 oz. Approx. 20 56.70 grams
4 oz. Approx. 40 113.40 grams
8 oz. Approx. 80 1/2 pound
16 oz. Approx. 160 1 pound
All teas are packaged in sealed, zip-locked bags.
Tea should be stored away from heat, moisture, light and air.