TEA…the word alone
has the power to
warm your heart
and lift your spirits!

Don't hurry. When making tea, you only have time. Let tea be a refuge, a genuine change of pace. Steeping your tea is part of drinking it, and drinking it is part of your life.

We, at fleur de tea, offer these basic Tea Essentials to enhance your tea experience at home or traveling. Please refer to the "History & How-To" page for steeping suggestions.

Tea Tongs

Price: $3.00
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An easy ouch-less way to remove tea filters from your tea cup or tea pot.

Measuring Spoon

Price: $5.00
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One Cup of Perfect Tea every time with this measuring spoon

T-Sac Filters

Price: $7.00
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100ea - size 2 Disposable loose leaf tea filters for your tea cup or tea pot.

Tea Pillows

Price: $6.00
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60ea - single serving ocha tea filters for an easy way to infuse your tea.

Elephantino Tea Pots

Price: $15.00
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2 cup White ceramic tea pot with mesh infuser.