TEA…the word alone
has the power to
warm your heart
and lift your spirits!

Reclaim your experience

Tea is more than a commodity on the grocery store shelves...
Tea is an ancient beverage, steeped in history and romance, and loved by many;
Tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage in any season, at any time of the day;
Tea is an affordable luxury, a simple and small indulgence;
Tea is traditional and trendy, enhancing your everyday life.

Explore the world of tea

Fragrant, lively, bold, hearty ~ it's a voyage of discovery!

Fleur de tea was established in 1995 as a quaint shop in the Mission Hills community of San Diego, California and featured distinctive loose-leaf teas. Now, as an e-commerce business, our goal is to continue the tradition of enhancing your tea experience by providing quality loose-leaf tea and tea essentials, by enriching your life by sharing our knowledge and love of tea, and by inspiring you to enjoy tea as a way of life.